Since 2013, Retro+C. has been working tirelessly on creating high quality full leather camera shoulder straps which provides safety and comfort. We manage to achieve the perfect balance between fashion, practicality, and comfort not only by selecting leather materials with the upmost care—the source, part, colors, and patterns—but also adopting hardware with high safety factor and continuously improving designs.

However, handmade customized straps often cost a fortune that often make the photographers hang back from so that Retro+C. implemented another production line for customers on a tight budget— 「Orion camera straps」. Though mass of the production, we managed to halve the price of products from this series compared to our handmade straps. However, we did not sacrifice quality for lower prices. By working with experienced craftsmen in the best foundries in Taiwan, the quality of 「Orion camera straps」 for itself.


Lookig forward you come to experience 「Orion camera straps」 with us



期待 您一起來體驗「獵戶座單雙肩背帶」