Extremely lightweight - M1 new magnetic square filter system

Let you experience better quality and more practical square filter.

 M1 new magnetic square filter system

We have undergone many tests and corrections from 2019, and more than a hundred production adjustments. In the first quarter of 2021, we announcing the latest series of SUNPOWER magnetic square filter M1 to the world in KICKSTARTER.

As a lover of landscape shutterbug, the square filter must be a great part on your photography road. Through the different filter, you can adjust the shutter time to get more fascinating works of art. However, some photographers perhaps always feel trouble with the disadvantages of the square filter. SUNPOWER, with years of experience in the development and production of square filters, is about to enter its tenth year. We will launch a new generation of M1 magnetic square filter in 2021, to introduce you a better quality and more practical square filter.

SUNPOWER overcomes new ground to the original conditions of the glass material. We greatly reduce 50% of the thickness, which is from 2mm to 1mm. Under the strict requirements, the final M1 square holder is designed with nitpicking and concentration in every tiny detail. Not only is it ultrathin, but also easy to use. Even if attach two filters on the lens, still 50% thinner than the usual square holders on the market.

We found the inconvenience of senior photographers in the assembly and the use of the original square holder, so we invent a magnetic holder. Photographers in heavy clothing in polar climates can also quickly switch the filter holder.

Unlike most other brand holders, the filters are not easy to attach and the angles cannot be adjusted separately. However, the M1 magnetic square holder system not only includes thin, light, and high-quality images but also can adjust the GND angle of multiple filters at the same time, making it easier to adapt to the shooting needs of different environments.

Don’t worry! No matter which camera or lens you use, as long as you want to press the shutter to take magnificent landscape photos, the M1 magnetic square holder system would definitely be able to satisfy you!

Although the M1 GND filter looks extremely thin and light, it has actually undergone many complicated processes behind it. From the very beginning, we chose the world-renowned optical glass manufacturer SCHOTT, Germany. In addition, the current M1 square filter has gone through more than 20 different coating processes to produce.

Of course, we don’t want you to throw this piece to the ground. But! Sometimes “accidents will happen”

Using German SCHOTT B270 glass, lightweight body, and double-sided tempered coating, compared to traditional square holder products, the M1 square holder has increased the drop-proof effects!

We have never stopped making progress. And our aim is to provide you the effect of perfect pictures as photographing. No matter you are a novice or professional photographer, as long as you bring the M1, you could reduce brightness at different steps on your own. So, what are you waiting for now? Take M1, pick up the camera and tripod, and start taking pictures!



Considering the international shipping time and ensuring our customers can receive the goods as scheduled, we have begun production one month earlier, so you do not have to worry about delays in receiving the goods.